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  Products / Offset Inks Division

SAKATA INX ESPAÑA S.A. offers the Advertising and Graphic Design sector a whole series of printing inks, manufactured with the latest technologies in varnishes and resins. Our aim is to remain close to our customers, so our printing products are intended to be able to work in machines without any variation throughout the run, working at high speed, on one or two sides using the new turning technologies, and guaranteeing the quality of the printing process throughout.

Printing costs are therefore reduced by largely eliminating the downtimes in making and finishing off the printed product.

Our Offset printing inks both allow us to obtain low printing costs and to guarantee the quality during the whole printing process.

Thanks to their excellent resistance to blocking they can be used on high pile.

Moreover, our inks allow us to obtain printings on all kinds of papers with an excellent rub resistance in the post-printing and handling operations.

Sakata Inx España S.A. also commercialises a wide range of inks cured by UV radiation.

Thanks to their excellent properties, these kinds of inks allow us to print on a large variety of materials, such as paper, plastic, metal, etc.



Offset Sheet fed

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Perfector +
Diatone Premium
Diatone ECO-T+
Diatone ECO-T+ Packaging base vegetal
Diatone MS-4
Barniz in lineDT01-59 REV. 1.4
Barniz mate in line DT01-60 REV.1.4
Diatone 2001X SP DT01-76 rev. 1.2
Diatone Ecopure SP DT01-77 rev. 1.3
Diatone Master SP DT01-75 rev. 1.4
Real Black DT01-56 REV.1.4
Spot Colors DT01-63 REV.1.6
Tintas metálicas REV.1.1
Offset UV Inks

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Fusion Hybrid ITX Free
Fusion LM Hybrid ITX Free
Hybrid LE Opaque White
INXCure UV Plastic Lamination
INXCure UV Web process Ink
Aditives Download details
Compound S DT01-66 REV. 1.1
Sample Fount 1 DT01-69 REV.1.2
Spray antisecante DT01-68 REV.1.2
W. H. Solvent 01 DT01-70 REV.1.2
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